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In today’s social media obsessed generation, one of the 1st thoughts many ‘Brides-To-Be’ have after the proposal, is to announce it on Facebook, Twitter, etc which is entirely understandable. Then the mind becomes a whirl of excitement with thoughts of choosing the perfect wedding dress, the wedding ceremony and reception venue, who to choose for the wedding party. And before long the flow of questions, answers, ideas get so scrambled; rational thinking goes out the window. At this point, it’s time to sit down, breath, and think logically.

The common sense option is to consult a professional wedding checklist. If you choose to use our Weddingtour checklist, great! If not, please make sure you select a comprehensive list, not just a one or two page tick list. In my wedding planner role, I will always start with the 3 golden rules before spelling out the importance of planning in a chronological order. For example popular reception venues are normally fully booked for the next 12 – 18 months, especially Saturday dates - so it’s important for this task to be high on your checklist. This of course has to coincide with available church / wedding ceremony dates.

No matter how luxurious the location, the focus of attention will always be on the Bride which is why beauty, hair, makeup and fitness routines should be scheduled to start well in advance. Oh, and if you’re looking a million dollars, it’s only fitting that the Groom, dressed in his attire looks a lean, mean, sex machine.

The Bride and Groom sorted; attention now to the wedding party, maids, best man etc, the cause of so many family feuds - Diplomacy is the key! There are many factors to consider when choosing the wedding party, none more so than the cost of each bridesmaids and ushers outfits, and which of your family and friends are dependable when the pressure is on.

Your wedding day is all about celebrating the special occasion with your family and friends, but some of those guests may have a tendency to be argumentative after a few drinks. As you read this, you probably have some names in mind that fit into this category. Learn how to keep peace at all times by reading ‘It’s war, not at my wedding’, an article that many have personally thanked me for the advice.

The above links are just a small selection of useful articles packed with information written to help you enjoy planning a wedding, and to guide you through the labyrinth of pitfalls you may endure along the way. There are a host of wedding advice articles throughout the website, but I would be failing in my duty if I didn't mention right now, the importance of taking out a wedding insurance policy… Latest records show the average wedding costs an amazing £18,000. You may spend more or less than that, but one thing’s for sure; it’s not going to be cheap. I have heard so many horror stories where illness, mishaps or accidents have caused a wedding to be cancelled. In fact, two years ago, one of my clients was taken ill a week before her wedding – the wedding had to be cancelled. To say she was devastated was an understatement. The only comfort she could take from the experience was the recoup of £22,000 (90%) of her costs through the wedding insurance policy I had arranged. I’m happy to report the re-arranged wedding 2 years later was one of the most special wedding days I've ever experienced.

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