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No matter how debonair the Groom appears, or how grand the venue is, the centre stage will always be the Bride and her wedding dress.

In The Spotlight...  Step 1

Before you start the search for that dream wedding dress, please take a few minutes to read the following 3 step guide on choosing the dress that best suits your body shape...

Step 1... How to choose your Wedding Dress

My most important advice in choosing a wedding dress...
Consider YOUR body shape, before being seduced by online images of beautiful wedding dresses modelled by almost perfect 10 women; remember those models have been carefully selected to showcase dresses that suit them, dresses that may not necessarily suit you. So, when making your choice, consider yourself as a model, and choose a dress that enhances every part of your body. Oh, and never forget, your partner proposed because of who you are!

Click the following image to proceed to step 2.

Female body shape

What shape are you?

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