Prince Charming


Guys, the other half will no doubts have dreamt about her Prince Charming escorting her down the aisle from a very early age – so don’t disappoint!

Prince Charming Prince Charming – Groom Outfits

Whether you like it or not, you need to put a lot of thought, enthusiasm and attention to detail into your attire, with the purpose of complementing the beauty personified she’ll portray when she joins you in matrimony.

Don’t panic, we’ll help you get through it as painless as possible.


Attention to Detail

The ‘it’ factor…

Some people have ‘it’, others don’t! The people, who do, stand out like a firework in the midnight sky; their natural persona and charisma magnetically attracts people to them. And those around may just as well be invisible.

But what is the mysterious ‘it’?

It’s a combination of many things, one of them being their posture which gives them the ability to wear anything with a certain je-ne-sais-quoi – which leads me seamlessly onto the subject of a Groom’s attention to detail. You can fork out thousands for that perfectly tailored Armani suit, but if your posture is wrong, the suit will look cheap – that’s a fact! So before we discuss your wedding day attire, take note; YOU are the key to your suit having that ‘it’ factor. To look and feel a million dollars, Practice, practice, practice your posture.

What's your style?

Before you check out our Groom's style guide to select the ideal suit for your body shape, take a quick look at the following tips on the essential foundations for the perfect presentation.

Groom's wedding day presentation.


Handsome Smile…

Realising a pearly white smile is essential for the many photos to be taken. In addition to your regular dental care, consider whitening your teeth by either professional laser treatment, or a home treatment whitening kit.

Fitness Routine…

If you’re a little out of shape, there’s no better time to start a fitness program. Even if joining a gym is not your idea of fun, a variety of men’s exercise videos for beginners is a great way to start exercising in the privacy of your own home while watching the TV or listening to your favourite track.


Excuse me for a second while I air one of my pet hates. After spending a whole load of money, time and effort to find that perfect fitting suit, DON’T stuff anything in the pockets, and that includes your hands; it will completely ruin the tailored cut of the suit. If you feel it’s necessary to have something on hand during the day, give it to someone else to carry – your mother maybe.

Co-ordinate with the wedding dress…

Although tradition states its bad luck to see the Brides dress before the wedding, you do need to co-ordinate the theme. One being formally dressed, with the other contemporary would look foolish to say the least. We suggest you therefore sit down and both agree the theme. By the way, when we say both you realise we mean her.


Ignore anyone who tells you the tradition is for the Groom to wear this, that or the other – they’re talking rubbish as there’s no such thing as a traditional Groom outfit. You wear what you want. Top hat and tails though is a timeless classic that will give you that Prince Charming debonair look of style, a style that never fails to impress. If that’s not your charisma, there’s a catalogue of dapper alternatives available.

Stand Out…

Whatever you choose to wear, it’s common for the Groom to identify themselves with a slight variance to what the other male members of the party wear. This may be a different colour tie, cravat, waistcoat or even buttonhole. Some choose to wear a completely different colour suit, although that’s something I personally think is a step too far.


Cufflinks and tiepins may be something you’ve never worn; nonetheless, these are an essential part of your attire if you want to dress to impress.

Hire or buy?

The answer to this question is very much dependent on your choice of suit. If you choose top hat and tails, or something that you’ll probably never wear again, it makes sense to hire it - although sentimental reasons for keeping your wedding day suit do sometimes override sound judgement. If your attire is something that can often be worn in the future, it would be financially beneficial to buy.

What style is best for you?

Click your body shape below to find out.



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