Parade the dress, don't just wear it. To do this you need to choose the perfect dress for your body shape.

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You have a gorgeous, goddess-like frame! Your many great assets include your bust and upper body being relatively smaller than your hips and a defined waist that creates a distinct curvature accented by pronounced lower half.

Character – A slim torso, bust and waist with larger hips, thighs and bottom.

Ideal Dress Style – Empire, A-line or Ball Gown.

Any of the 3 above mentioned dress styles will flatter your bust and waistline, and skim loosely over your hips. An empire with a short fitted bodice will push your waistline up to the slimmest part of your body.

Those with small shoulders should avoid strapless dresses as this will highlight an imbalance between your shoulders and hips. Instead look to broaden the shoulders with off the shoulder portrait style straps with draping or decoration to give it volume.

If you have well defined shoulders and small bust, an asymmetrical one shoulder dress will direct the eyes away from the hips.


Also known as athletic, your exquisite frame has an exceptional balance! You have proportionate hips, balanced thighs, shapely legs, slightly fuller arms, and a body that’s perfectly in line with all the body parts.

Character – Straight up and down, possibly narrow, the shoulders, bust and hips are roughly the same size, with an undefined waist.

Ideal Dress Style – Empire, Sheath, Mermaid or Ball Gown.

Hmmm, with so many variations of this body type, this is the most difficult shape to blindly suggest what best suits.

The Empire, Sheath and Mermaid style will add definition to create the supple appearance of curves in the right places, the bust and hips, whilst clinching your already slim waistline, to give that hourglass silhouette.

Concentrate on an uplifting bra to provide the right frame, and avoid plunging necklines that will only emphasise what you don’t have. Then consider a plain figure clinching waistline that will help provide the natural feminine curved hips and bottom. Alternatively, a Ball Gown flowing from the waist will serve the same purpose.


You have an ample and voluptuous figure reminiscent of ancient goddesses! Your waist is fuller than your bust and hips. Your face, neck and bust are beautifully proportionate to each other; and your slender lower legs and amazing arms accent your voluptuous assets.

Character – A full bust, waist and upper back and often with width around the middle leading down to slim legs.

Ideal Dress Style – Empire or A-line.

An empire dress will emphasise your bust, elongate your neckline, and drape over your fuller mid-section. An alternative style is the A-line dress, with a slim bodice that flairs out high enough near to the bust to give the illusion of a defined hourglass silhouette.

A deep V, scoop or crossover neckline will further emphasise your voluptuous bust.
Consider sleeves, wide shoulder straps, bolero or shrug to reduce the width of your shoulders in order to create a balance with your hips.


Your voluminous curves are striking and proportionate! Your clearly defined waistline, harmonious bust and full hips create a beautiful, feminine curvature.

Character – A figure blessed with a small waist, and medium to large bust that creates a perfect balance with the width of your curved hips and round bottom.

Ideal Dress Style – Sheath, Trumpet, Mermaid or Fishtail.

Whilst other body shapes primarily strive to find a dress to give the hourglass appearance, you just need to show off your natural curves. A figure hugging sheath, trumpet or fishtail dress will hug your natural curves. You however need to follow the rules like other body shapes of keeping a good balance between your shoulders and hips, and maintain a clinched waistline.

Consider scoop or V necklines, strapless or one shoulder to modestly show a little cleavage in order not to detract from your natural elegant stance.


You have a magnificent, statuesque and a very proportional figure! Your bust is fuller and shoulders broader than your defined waist, and your waist can be fuller than your narrower hips and longer legs. All these are fabulous assets as many styles look great on you.

Character – Top heavy with broad shoulder and large bust that are wider than the hips and bottom, both of which can sometimes appear small and shapeless in comparison.

Ideal Dress Style – A-line or Ball Gown.

To create the right balance between shoulders and hips, consider an A-line or Ball Gown that flows from the waist, with a medium neckline such as a sweetheart or scoop that shows little cleavage. The flair will create a waistline, minimise the bust, and increase the hips to provide that delicate balanced figure.

A well fitted bra is essential to stem the large bust, and avoid ornate necklines and shoulders details that will only accentuate this area.

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