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The new kid on the block!

Many weddings are all about tradition, and long may that continue most would say - myself included. But the idea of fusing tradition with a contemporary twist may take us down a route of discovery to re-invent the traditional wedding. Confused? Well let me introduce you to Michael Gray of www.michaelgrayfilms.com, a videographer and photographer who takes us into a new World of wedding videography.

How would you describe michaelgrayfilms?

  • Michaelgrayfilms specialises in producing high quality videos and short films from a unique perspective. I am a young and experienced videographer and prioritise striking the balance between the modernity of my distinctive filming style and the tradition of your wedding.

Give us a quick snippet about the wedding day service you provide.

  • My most popular package is filmed by 2 videographers and consists of a unique highlight video, summarising the main events of the day, as well as a documentary-style video which films the ceremony and speeches. I start filming when the bride and groom are getting ready right up to the first dance.

Why should Brides to be hire michaelgrayfilms?

  • MichaelGrayfilms services are unique and tailored to your wishes. The highlight video is the perfect way to reminisce your special day and also to share with friends and family who couldn't make it.

Brides like to look their best for wedding snaps; from a photographer and videographers point of view, what advice would you give to Brides?

  • MichaelGrayfilms prioritise capturing natural shots which you will not even realise have been filmed! The advice we would give is to always act natural and we'll do our best to capture that.

Tell us a little about yourself as a person.

  • I am a young and experienced videographer, my work ranges from wedding videography to short films to restaurant promotions. I enjoy using the latest camera technology which enables me to increase the scope of the work I can do and offer e.g. my drone for areal footage. I am studying visual fx at Bournemouth University which helps hugely in the editing process of my work as well as enabling me to pursue a future career in the film industry.

Past or present, who in your opinion is the most successful person?

  • Zach King (type him in on youtube). He has turned his passion into work which I hope to be able to do.


If you’ve ever sat through a wedding video with a smile on your face, whilst secretly thinking ‘will this ever end’ as you reach for toothpicks to keep your eyes open, then you’ll understand the benefits of Michael’s distinctive approach to capturing your magic moments in a new exciting way.


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