Wedding To Do / Wedding Checklist

This is where it all begins - The wedding planner checklist / To-Do list takes you by the hand and guides you every step of the way. It will take you on a virtual wedding tour of everything that's required to plan your perfect day, and provide the essential order in which each task should be undertaken.


Wedding Checklist


Flexibility is the key...

Whilst our wedding checklist has been compiled to list every conceivable task required for a traditional wedding, you have the ability add, edit or delete tasks that are not relevant - An exclusive wedding plan results.

Be in control at all times... 

Using the To-Do Diary alongside the excellent reminder section, you can list the jobs required to achieve the To-Do item.  Furthermore, to be in complete control, you can make notes of whom is expected to complete the task, and by what date. For more information regarding the control of tasks, check the planner reminder section to see just how easy the planning will be.

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1) Remember it's YOUR wedding, and YOU make the decisions - Don't be pressured by others.

2) Plan everything, leaving nothing to chance.

3) Budget carefully.

The Crying Bride

Avoid one of the most common problems, the one that each year ruins thousands of weddings, and reduces the bride to tears.

One of the most common problems, and I really do mean a COMMON problem that reduces the Bride to tears is caused by our unpredictable British weather.

Imagine the scenario...

Dressed in all her splendour, hairstyle and makeup perfect; then the heavens open. A pursuit to the nearest cover ensues.

Too late…

Drenched to the bone, the bedraggled Bride with tears running down her cheeks has that sunken feeling etched across her face.

It’s for this reason our wedding checklist suggests a large umbrella is on hand no matter what the weather. As a professional wedding planner, I’m amazed why no wedding checklists I’ve seen mention the importance of preparing for our unpredictable weather.