Wedding Table Planner

With the guest list confirmed the table planner comes into the fore. Take care to separate warring family, or perhaps play cupid.

Wedding Table Planner It’s war, not at my wedding...

Guests invited may at some point in their lives have had issues with one another, so it may not be a good idea for them to be placed on the same dining table. Or on a more pleasant note, you may like to match-make 2 of your guests by sitting them together. Well, this is the time to put your devilish seating plans into action.


Once you have the full guest count, the table plan is your next port of call. Quickly create and name/number your tables, then simply point and click to add your guests to the relevant table. Using the wedding planner e-mail, the completed table plan can be mailed directly to anyone involved.

A Quick Tip...  

This isn’t part of the planner, but is a good idea to be part of your plan. If you sense there could be trouble between certain guests, or you may have invited a guest who has a history of being troublesome in drink, sit down with them before the special day and politely ask them to respect you by being on their best behavior at the wedding. Our article 'It's war, not at my wedding' covers this in a little more detail.

Try the live demo now before the need to register.

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