Wedding Entertainment

Setting the right mood for all age groups is a fine balance, so plan the days entertainment with ALL your guests in mind. 

In the the mood...

Throughout the day, music will be played, and it’s that music that will be integral to setting the right mood, especially at the reception party.

You will probably have a mixed bag of wedding guests, ranging from young kids to elderly pensioners, so what music will strike the right balance of entertainment?

  • You should list songs that may be special to you or your family.
  • Is there a specific hymn for the ceremony?
  • Your choice of song for your 1st dance.
  • What genre of music would you like at the reception? Should it be mixed to cater for different generations?
  • What form of entertainment / music will get ALL ages up on the dance floor together?

To set the right mood, you need to put some thought into how to entertain your guests, list your ideas and discuss it with your hired entertainment.

Children's Entertainment...

Your wedding day will probably be a all day event, so keeping children amused is a must. Think about specific child friendly entertainment to keep them happy, and more importantly out of mischief.

Print / email...

With your 'special' music list complete, you have the facility within the planner to print or directly email your music list to the DJ, musician, church organist etc. so that you’re both singing from the same hymn sheet (sorry, I couldn’t resist that).

Try the live demo now before the need to register.

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