Wedding Budget Calculator

Simply enter your budget figure and let the automated budget calculator help you stay in control throughout the planning.

Maximise your budget...

Like many planning their wedding, what you dreamĀ and what fits your budget are maybe worlds apart. But our planner budget calculator helps you maximise your budget from the beginning.

Starting with your budget figure, you can then go through each individual segment of the plan to decide what money is spent where. You just enter the figures, and let the calculator do all the work.

Easy to the eye...

As you enter values against each item of the plan, the Budget Calculator shows you exactly what each amount represents as a percentage of your overall budget, and keeps a running total of money available for allocation. Entering your estimate values, eventually followed by the actual values keeps your eye on the budget throughout, and allows you to make spending adjustments where and when necessary.

Try the live demo now before the need to register.

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