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Never under-estimate the Toastmaster. 

Why employ a Wedding Toastmaster?

The wedding toastmaster is a role that many under-estimate, a role which many think is nothing more than wearing a red coat to announce and organise the order of speakers. Well those who think that should read on.

The wedding toastmaster’s duties start at least two weeks prior to the special day when they meet up with you to advise the proceedings, and discuss any special requests you may have. On the day you will have peace of mind in the knowledge that they will take full control of proceedings to ensure your day goes unblemished.

The following are typical duties expected from a Wedding Toastmaster: -

  • Meet to discuss all aspects of your special day
  • Advise on etiquette and customs
  • Arrive an hour before the guests are expected or the ceremony is about to start
  • Liaise with the registrars and hotel staff for all arrangements
  • Greet your guests to the reception
  • Liaise with the photographer
  • Liaise with the videographer
  • Liaise with the caterers
  • Assist musicians to set up prior to guest’s arrival
  • Organize the receiving line, announce guests
  • Co-ordinate acceptance of gifts
  • Call attention to the seating plan
  • Announce the couple and escort them to their table
  • Assist the speakers with their speeches
  • Say grace, if required
  • Read cards and other messages, if required
  • Organize and announce the cutting of the cake
  • Announce the toasts and the speakers
  • Assist in the presenting of special gifts or bouquets
  • Announce and arrange the retiring of the couple from the table
  • Ensure the arrangements for the evening
  • Be the eyes, ears and voice of the Bride and Groom to help the day go unblemished
  • Provide an air of authority, and sense of ceremony to your special occasion

So should you employ a Toastmaster - OH YAY.

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