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Having wedding insurance is a 'No-Brainer'.

What If...

your wedding dress accidentally gets damaged, the wedding rings are lost / stolen, or you’re taken ill days before your wedding day, or, or, or… Using our wedding planner guides you meticulous through the planning process to alleviate many problems that may occur, but accidents, personal injury, illness and the ‘Act of God’ are unforeseeable and unpreventable. Whilst nothing can heal the heartache in such circumstances, wedding insurance would at least recover the thousands of pounds lost. It is for this reason we strenuously suggest you buy insurance cover.


For as little as £30...

wedding insurance can be tailored to your needs. So if you want to cover just tangible items, damage to your wedding dress for instance, or cover all your costs, having wedding insurance is a ‘no brainer’. Furthermore, you may also save money on honeymoon insurance if you include it in your general wedding policy.

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