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You've invited family and friends to celebrate your wedding day to witness your happiness in matrimony, to feast beside you, and to dance the night away. Now here’s the problem!

How do you entertain wedding guests of different ages, from different backgrounds, with a completely different Taste in entertainment? And, make your wedding stand out from all others?

We list below tips that will help you solve the above mentioned conundrum; making your day the most enjoyable for you and ALL your guests, a day to saviour, and a day of fond memories.

Keep them informed…

First of all, to keep your guests informed of what to expect, consider providing a wedding day schedule.

Wedding Timeline

Wedding Timeline


Make them feel special…

Another little tip that will impress your guests is to have your attendants personally escort them to their dining table seats - Believe me; this will make them feel so special. To go that extra mile, their names and association with you could be announced as they’re escorted. You could even introduce a little comedy to the proceedings – kind of like a USA style roast – For example, if the Brides uncle is a bit of a gambler, you could introduce him as Mr (name), uncle of the Bride and co-owner of BET365.

Get them to participate…

Think of creative ways to encourage guest participation.

Here's a suggestion from a recent bride: -

At our wedding, the groomsmen kidnapped me in the middle of a toast. The DJ took over after receiving a list of demands from the groomsmen to get me back. My husband had to perform all of the demands or I would not be released. One was to get a kiss from five grandmothers. Another was to arrest his boss with fuzzy hand cuffs (Hilarious.) He also had to put a garter on one of his groomsmen. He had four groomsmen, and each had their own demand. It really got the crowd involved, and I’m sure you could think of other demands that would be more guest centered. I love watching it in our wedding video.

How about getting the older guests up to teach them a snippet of the Gangnam dance (in thing at the time of writing this article), or whatever the latest craze is.

Daytime Entertainment…

There’s a whole host of entertainment ideas to make your day stand out from the norm. But, consider some little activities that will keep the young from boredom at little cost; something like a chocolate scavenger hunt etc.

Evening Entertainment…

A DJ or live band is most people’s favourites. DJ’s offer a greater flexibility than a live band and can accommodate most musical tastes. However, live bands offer that little touch of class and vibrancy.

Wedding Dance

Wedding Dance

If costs are a major factor in your decision, the DJ route is the one to take, but as this is one area that will make or break your special day, costs shouldn’t be the only consideration. Before making the final decision, ask if you can sample the entertainment in some way.

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