Parade that Wedding Dress

All gathered in anticipation, the organist hits the first key, everyone looks back, the doors open....  It’s YOUR moment! A moment that will live in the memory of you, your partner, family and friends for ever; the moment you take those first few tentative steps down the aisle!

As I say, it’s YOUR moment, so it’s your choice whether to just wear a wedding dress or to parade a wedding dress with the beauty, grace and elegance that will melt the coldest of hearts. If it’s the latter, then you need to concentrate on the 4 key factors: -

1) How to choose your wedding dress.

2) Get the basics right.

3) Beautiful - Select the right dress.

4) Look and feel special.

I will lead you to various articles about how to achieve the so called perfect look, the look that if we’re honest is what most of us long for. But, without meaning to contradict myself, please always remember the reason you are getting married is because your partner loves you for who you are!

Let’s now briefly go over the 4 key points, starting with 'considering your body shape', and how it should affect your choice of wedding dress. Symmetry is the key word – the symmetry of your shoulders, waist and hips; and the symmetry of your legs and torso to achieve the hourglass figure. If you already have that shapely figure don't you get going just yet because this point is as much about you as anyone else. You see, unlike other shapes who will look to achieve body symmetry, what you need to do is dress to keep that symmetry.

Once you understand your body symmetry, with the use of ‘correctional’ lingerie we can look at the basics to improve your shape. True, it may not be your idea of sexy, but believe me, it will make you and your wedding dress look and feel a million dollars! Then we can move on to the romance of selecting your wedding dress.

And finally, to melt the coldest of hearts, we’re going to wow them by giving you the Hollywood health, hair and beauty treatment that will make you look and feel special.

That aisle is your catwalk hun, and we’re going to parade with beauty, grace and elegance like never before!

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