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The catering can make or break your wedding day, and will represent a large part of your budget.

Wedding Catering...

Your food bill will probably eat; excuse the pun, significantly into your wedding budget, so careful consideration of what to serve your guests is paramount. The time however, of your wedding ceremony will determine the catering required for the day, and in turn influence your decision making.

To check the costs for each plan, simply enter your estimates in the budget section of our planner. The planner will then automatically calculate the full costs to show how each plan affects your budget.

Food Plans: -

An early ceremony will necessitate additional food in order to fill the long void between the ceremony and evening reception party. You will therefore look for afternoon snacks, canapés or afternoon tea perhaps, to keep the guests hunger at bay, followed by the traditional 3 course wedding breakfast sit down meal or buffet on the evening. Or you could serve an afternoon wedding breakfast for those invited to the ceremony, and a buffet at the reception party. It’s entirely up to you what is served when, but the key is to satisfy your guest’s appetite.

  • Afternoon snacks
  • Afternoon Tea
  • canapés e.t.c.
  • Evening wedding breakfast
  • buffet.
  • Late night munchies.


  • Afternoon wedding breakfast.
  • Evening buffet.
  • Late night munchies.

If you plunge for a later ceremony, the timing may allow your guests to file from the wedding ceremony straight to the reception venue by late afternoon. As guests won’t have long to wait until the main feast is served, you don’t have to worry about the afternoon snack. Strangely, this schedule may sound cheaper than the early ceremony schedule, but remember, if you have the budget busting wedding breakfast immediately after the ceremony, you’ll probably have fewer guests to cater for. But on the flip side, you’ll still need an evening buffet.

  • Evening wedding breakfast
  • buffet.
  • Late night munchies.

Sit Down Meal v Buffet v Alternative:-

Sit Down Meal...

The most expensive option - the formal 3 course sit down meal known as the wedding breakfast still seems to be the preferred route. It’s usual to provide 3 selections for each dish, the main being a meat, fish or alternative for the Guests to enjoy over a good chin wag whilst being waiter served to delicious freshly cooked food.


If you’re working to a tight budget, this may be the best avenue to take. Whether you hire professional caterers, or alternative do it yourself, it should provide a vast selection that accommodates all ages and taste palettes. If doing it yourself, read our DIY article that shows how on a tight budget with just a little imagination, you can make your spread look appealing, and taste delicious.


Recent years have seen an upturn in alternative foods for that special occasion, ranging from Hog Roasts to the great British Fish ‘n’ Chips. If you want to be different, then this is the path to explore. Here you can source suppliers that provide a memorable service for traditional, buffet and some of the following alternative foods. Alternative Ideas: -

  • Hog Roast.
  • Fish n Chips.
  • Bowl Food.
  • Pie Specials. (
  • BBQ.
  • International Cuisine.
  • Chinese.
  • Caribbean.
  • Indian.
  • Tea Party.
  • Food truck of various sorts.
  • Ice cream parlour.
  • Candy Stall.
  • Chocolate fountain.

What Afternoon Snacks?

  • Afternoon Tea is trending.
  • Canapés.

Some pointers: -

If using caterers, ask to sample one of their food events. Does the reception venue allow out of house catering?

Think Seasons...

Choose fresh seasonal food relevant to the time of year.

Question - Why is it called a wedding breakfast?

Answer - It relates to old wedding traditions that meant the Bride and Groom would for a period before the wedding not eat or drink, known as fasting. After the wedding was complete, the priest would bless, then distribute wine, cakes and sweetmeats to end (break) the fasting period. Hence to break fast is where the name originates.

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