It’s war, not at my wedding

A polite but firm way to handle potential troublesome guests.

We all have them; Friends or family members that can’t handle their drink – You know those who become argumentative, troublesome, and worst of all physically violent once they’ve had a little too much alcohol. As you’re reading this you probably have a person or two in mind whom fits into this category.

Personal grudges between friends or family could be another problem scenario, in particular, divorced parents and their new partners.

Be pro-active...

If you know of any possible trouble brewing, sit down with those involved before the wedding to ask them to respect your wishes to have a trouble free day. Be polite, but firm asking them to be on their best behavior on your wedding day by controlling their alcohol intake, or putting any issues aside, whichever the case may be. With those who have issues with other guests, it’s important that you don’t come across as taking sides - Explain that you have, or will have a word with the other party concerned.

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