Mirror, mirror on the wall

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?

To be the fairest of them all…

Pay meticulous attention to your wedding day beauty routine; this is not the time to compromise. Hiring a professional beautician is a ‘must do’, but that’s not to say you need to think ‘job done’, it isn’t.

For the beautician to achieve that ‘picture perfect’ appearance, you need to contribute by providing her/him with details of your wedding theme. dress, headdress if any, and intended hairstyle. Armed with all the information at hand, the beautician will then be able accomplish your desired effect. The moodboard from the Weddingtour.co.uk wedding planner is perfect for this situation.

Taking the necessary steps now will give you a look of splendour, an effervescent glow of pride, the same glow that should be etched on your face each time your wedding album is opened for you and future generations to view a moment of history.

Wedding Health and Beauty Tips


Fitness - Consider starting a fitness program to both feel good and lose those few extra pounds.


Complexion / Skin Care - As well as starting a facial course to purify your pours in order to obtain that all important look of radiance and lessen the risk of breakouts on or near the wedding day, introduce an all-over gentle body scrub, exfoliate and moisturising to your daily routine. You may wish to book a facial treatment course nearer to the wedding date too.

Wedding beauty treatment

Wedding beauty treatment

Teeth – Realising a pearly white smile is essential for the many photos to be taken. In addition to your regular dental care, consider whitening your teeth by either professional laser treatment, or a home treatment whitening kit.


Hairstylist – You may need to grow your hair to achieve the right wedding day hair style, so don’t leave it too late to find and consult with a competent and respectable hairstylist. Show the stylist your wedding day head-wear, earrings, and details of your dress to help them decide on the style that will best suit. Book a trial run to ensure you’re completely happy with the stylist’s interpretation of the look you hope to accomplish.

Beautician - Find a competent and respectable make-up artist to provide that airbrush look of beauty. As this is the most important part of your wedding day look, make sure you’re completely comfortable with your choice of beautician.

Questions to ask the beautician:

  • Are they available at the time and date you require?
  • Is the make-up used suitable for a wedding; e.g. waterproof mascara, long lasting lipstick etc?
  • Do they do Eyebrows n lashes?
  • Do they provide touch-up make-up for you to use during the day?
  • Is there a plan B should they fall ill on the appointment date?

Complexion - Purify your complexion by eating healthy foods such as fruits, and drinking plenty of water. And don’t forget the magical beauty sleep.

Hand Care Routine – The wedding ring on your finger will be viewed by many, so great care should be given to make your hands silky smooth and nails well-conditioned. To achieve this, wash your hands regular, moisturise well, protect with gloves when doing household chores etc, and groom your nails daily.


Tan Trial – If you’re thinking of having a fake tan, and are new to the tanning process, I strongly suggest you have a pre-wedding tanning trial run. To find the right shade, you effectively have 3 options; sunbed, professional tanning or home tan process. Whatever you choose, if and when you are happy with the results, duplicate the process nearer to the day.

Wedding Tan

Wedding Tan

Manicure - Source a professional manicurist to add that touch of luxury to your nails. Special wedding day designs including spectacular 3D art are available, but tone it down if you don’t want it to overshadow the showcase wedding ring.

Pedicure – As part of the skin care routine, you should apply a foot cream every night to keep your feet soft and problem free. Regularly use a pumice stone to remove any hard skin, and if necessary visit a chiropodist for advice and treatment of any issues. Booking a pedicure nearer to the day will then add that extra special look and feel.

Wedding Manicure

Wedding Manicure

Hair Removal – If you don’t want to risk a bad reaction to hair removal, stick to your tried and trusted method. If however you want to consider a pulse light therapy for a more permanent solution to the ongoing problem, do it well in advance to eliminate any wedding day irritation.


Pamper and Massage – If you have the time and money, then why not take a break from the stresses of planning to help relax your body and mind at a local health spa.


Perfume – Use a tried and trusted perfume, one that you know won’t cause an allergic reaction.

Running Repairs - Elect a family member or friend to periodically check your make-up throughout the day, and have touch up make-up available to make any running repairs needed.

Emergency Kit – Arrange for one of your attendants to have some wet wipes available to dab away any make-up marks from your wedding dress. As a prelude to this, ask the wedding dress supplier advice on the best method to remove stains.

See a comprehensive list of tips in our wedding planner checklist.

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