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Varying styles of the same bridesmaid dress are ideal for different shapes and sizes.

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For inspiration, browse attendant outfit images remembering the bridesmaids and ushers are your best friends and your top priority should be to make them feel as happy and comfortable as you possibly can.

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Style of dress – Whilst many Brides choose unified bridesmaid’s dresses, you may consider allowing your bridesmaids the freedom to pick a style that flatters their particular shape, size, skin tone and hair from a ‘dress range’ pre chosen by you. This will allow each bridesmaid to look their best, whilst still maintaining your wedding theme.

Different styles from the same range

Unified Bridesmaids

Unified Bridesmaids

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Colour - Fashion designers often talk about seasonal colour palettes, a concept that also extends to wedding themes. Following this rule however can be restrictive and may not include your favourite colours. It’s something to keep in mind, but the most important factor is the bridesmaid’s dress colours should complement your wedding dress, fit into your wedding theme and flatter your bridesmaids.

When deciding on the colour, have one eye on the floral colours you and the bridesmaid’s will be carrying as this can completely change the whole theme. And if you see bridesmaid’s outfits that aren’t quite the colour you want, you can always incorporate floral colours to help achieve the right blend.

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Material – The general rule is silk for summer, satin for winter.

Chiffon – This lightweight, often semi-transparent, free flowing fabric provides a comfortable and flattering soft look and feel making it ideal for the multiple layered empire waist style dress. The flat non sheen finish allows the introvert pastel colours to blossom like the first flowers of spring. Its cousin, the ‘crinkle’ chiffon differs with the addition of a touch of texture, the accordion pleat that provides a whole new dimension to this classic summers wedding day material.

Georgette - Very similar to chiffon in drape, look and feel, but slightly heavier; Georgettes soft floppy characteristics also make this a summertime delight.

Satin – It’s no wonder satin is the go-to material for many bridesmaid’s; this beautiful smooth, soft fabric evokes a touch of class. In various weight and softness, the subtle sheen reflects colour and shade with each glimmer of light as it drapes from your body with sheer elegance. Tried and true. This is a fantastic choice, but be aware when considering this for warmer months, as whilst it flatters all body types, the silky sheen can highlight patches of damp.

Charmeuse – Often related to satin because of its lightweight resemblance of satin and soft contouring of drape. The sheen is slightly muted compared to satin, but its delicate fabric is favourable when ruching or pleating which makes it a dressmakers favourite. Again, like satin, cooler months are the time to wear this shimmering opulence.

Dutchess Satin (Peau De Soie) – A more structured, slightly stiffer satin makes this fabric versatile to use in various dress styles. And whilst it’s less shiny, almost matte finish, you should still avoid wearing this in hotter temperatures for the same reasons as satin and charmeuse.

Mikado – As this has the same sheen as Dutchess satin, its heavier weight is a perfect substitute for more structured dress formats. A winter material for sure!

Taffeta - The tendency to be stiff and hold its shape provides the suitability to create volume layers or structure of many sorts. The tightly woven crisp fabric is smooth to the touch, and fairly shiny in very bright light, but comes across as tame under normal or dim lights. Taffeta is a young girls dream, listening to the rustling like the wind between the trees with each step she takes. Taffetas rejuvenated reputation Taffeta has made a long awaited return to the cat walk in the form of contemporary short styles outfits.

Lace – This may not be a material that immediately springs to mind for bridesmaids, but when designed with an underlying material, you have a truly stunning eye catching dress. If you want your bridesmaids to be different, or have that vintage charisma, I suggest you take a long look at lace designs – you won’t be disappointed.

Silk – Very expensive, pure silk is a smooth soft natural fiber and a firm favourite for wedding dress material because of its unadulterated beauty. However, if you’re working to a budget for bridesmaid’s dresses, consider charmeuse, chiffon, or satin as an affordable alternative. Rayon, or a rayon/silk blend is another cost effective option that provides stunning results.

Bridesmaids in black

Bridesmaids in black

Bias cut.

When shopping for your clothing, you may read or hear comments about the bias cut, so here’s a little info on what this means.

The "bias-cut" is a technique used by designers for cutting clothing to utilize the greater stretch in the bias or diagonal direction of the fabric, thereby causing it to accentuate body lines and curves and drape softly. For example, a full-skirted dress cut on the bias will hang more gracefully or a narrow dress will cling to the figure.

Finally, we’ll check what gifts are available to show your appreciation for all of their help.

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