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It’s Official

UK Marriage Laws - Marriages and civil partnerships in the UK Overview What you need to do Giving notice at your local register office Documents to take to the register office Religious ceremonies Weddings and civil partnership ceremonies IMPORTANT: All information and fees listed in this article are correct at the time of posting. Click…
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I’ve Got Your Back Jack

Having wedding insurance is a 'No-Brainer'. What If... your wedding dress accidentally gets damaged, the wedding rings are lost / stolen, or you’re taken ill days before your wedding day, or, or, or… Using our wedding planner guides you meticulous through the planning process to alleviate many problems that may occur, but accidents, personal injury,…
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Parade the dress, don't just wear it. To do this you need to choose the perfect dress for your body shape. Beautiful... Step 3   Pear You have a gorgeous, goddess-like frame! Your many great assets include your bust and upper body being relatively smaller than your hips and a defined waist that creates a…
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