OMG! your planner should be issued with a health warnings it's so addictive! My other half questioned who I was about to marry, him or the wedding planner LOL.


Every morning I would wake up and immediately connect into the checklist and reminders to see what I needed to do that day. I was in total control of absolutely everything. My wedding day went like a dream thanks to all the planning I did.


Abby xoxo

Abby & Mark Francis, Got married on the 30th of January, 2016

Hi Gabby. I felt compelled to thank you for the fabulous Weddingtour wedding planner that you have created. Even though my cousin  who recommended it to me raved about how great it was, it still exceeded my expectations. It seemed like a wedding coordinator was at my side at all times!


I've heard brides say how wedding planning is so stressful, but I can honestly say my wedding planning went like clockwork. On the wedding day, we gave our Maid of Honour and Best Man password access to the wedding day checklist for them to both know the exact timetable and all the tasks required. On the night both of them praised the checklist functions.


I have already recommended the planner to two friends who are planning their wedding, and I would without hesitation recommend it to anyone planning their wedding.


Jerome and Jessica Taylor.

Jerome & Jessica Taylor, Got married on the 3rd of October 2015

Just returned from our honeymoney celebrating our marriage and fantastic wedding day. The wedding day was perfect thanks to our family and friends.


When I say family, that includes your wedding planner because it felt like part of the family in the 14 months of planning. I loved the moodboard section that helped with the wedding theme and colour scheme. Whenever I spoke to the suppliers I was  able to show them the planner moodboard on my mobile so they could recommend things that fitted perfectly into the theme.


The checklist was amazing! There are things on there that I would never have thought of probably until it was too late.


The advise about wedding day trouble was invaluable. Like you say, as soon as I read that article I had 2 people in particular in mind. I warned them both before the wedding to behave themselves. Happy to say they were like angels.


Thank you for providing a brilliant wedding planner!


Julie and Mike Fletcher.


Julie & Mike Fletcher, Got married on the 25th of July 2015