In a nutshell about us


With our desktop, tablet and mobile wedding app style wedding planner, we use our wealth of professional planning experience to take you by the hand and guide you through the minefield of tasks required to plan your wedding; the ultimate aim being to make your special day one to remember, and the envy of your guests.

The cloud based planner that can be accessed simultaneously by you and your fiancé at all times will point you in the right direction, remind you of necessary tasks, and recommend the order of planning. In short, our wedding planner will give you peace of mind by guiding you step-by-step throughout the whole procedure.

Whether you have a tight, or money no object budget, our wedding tour will take you through the whole planning process starting with the automated budget calculator that keeps you in total control at all times with an at-a-glance view of your estimates and spending’s. You will then be directed to the To-Do checklist which will gently lead you at the appropriate times to all areas of the planner. Completing all sections will give you the confidence of knowing that every wedding detail, without exception, has been thought through and organised.

Whilst the planner caters for all budgets, our accompanying website is packed with an array of realistic useful information and tips for the regular Bride and Groom who don’t have a bottomless pit of money to draw from. And with this approach, we hope to realise our mission to help you succeed in planning and enjoying your dream wedding.

Thank you for reading our mission, and please click here to start the wedding tour.



Our advantages


You have full 100% FREE access to the Weddingtour.co.uk wedding planner and blog articles to hold you by the hand and guide you every step of the way.


 The Weddingtour.co.uk online wedding planner provides all the features required to plan your dream wedding day, whilst still keeping control of the all important wedding budget.


The Weddingtour.co.uk wedding planner is based on my professional wedding planning experience. In short, it's your personal wedding co-ordinator at your fingertips.

The birth of WeddingTour.co.uk


The Proposal.

What I thought was a simple Christmas day walk with Jamie and my parents turned into proposal of marriage - A moment I'll remember for the rest of my life.


The Wedding Kiss.

All eyes were on me as my professional wedding co-ordinator reputation was at risk on our special day. I'm relieved to say it was absolutely flawless. Phew!


The Launch.

A dream come true. As a 8 year old Bridesmaid, I was mesmerised by the whole wedding day event. That was the day I realised the wedding industry was for me.


The Office.

The only place where success come before work is in the dictionary - Vidal Sassoon b1928, Hair Stylist. It's that hard work philosophy that will buy us the office.

what's new?

April 2016 - New Blog Makeover

It’s often said that if you stand still for just one second in the World of digital technology, you’ll be left behind. I say, the frightening speed of digital technology is a pain in the, well I think you can guess the rest. I do agree though about the being left behind. For that reason April 2016 sees a more user friendly makeover of Weddingtour.  I hope you all enjoy.